Vaginal cysts

A vaginal cyst is a closed sac on or under the vaginal lining that contains fluid or semisolid material . Has anyone had a great amount of vaginal fluid after menopause? and afterwards 10 days later I broke out on my vaginal area and then he tells me oh yea I have hsv1 but I couldn't give that to you on your vaginal area you must have gotten that from someone else The wonderful vaginal feels so good to my penis head, due to the inside of the vaginal it feels good all the way to the bottom or as far as my penis will reach. But those having a vaginal infection affect in anyway the test???
Vaginal cysts usually do not cause symptoms , although there may be a soft lump felt in the vaginal wall or protruding from the vagina . They were actually saying that cancer can cause a vaginal infection or the abnormal cells in our vagina CAN cause a vaginal infection. Some women with vaginal cysts may have discomfort during sexual intercourse or difficulty inserting tampons . When women have symptoms, the first ones may include Bleeding associated with vaginal intercourse Painful or burning sensations when urinating Vaginal discharge that is yellow or bloody More advanced symptoms
The only treatment needed may simply involved routine exams and watching the cysts for growth and other changes.Surgical excision -LRB- removal -RRB- may be chosen or possibly required if the cyst is causing symptoms . However , this can sometimes be a very involved surgery and is not recommended unless you are having significant symptoms .
There are several types of vaginal cysts , which can range in size from the size of a pea to that of an orange . There are medical issues involved with stretched, weakened vaginal walls. Vaginal inclusion cysts are the most common . These may form as a result of trauma sustained by the vaginal walls or following an obstetric or gynecologic procedure , when the lining of the vagina does n't heal to its normal smoothness.Gartner 's duct cysts develop in the space occupied by the Gartner 's duct , usually on the side walls of the vagina . Sometimes you can feel her vaginal walls pulsing. This duct is active during fetal development but ordinarily disappears after birth . In some cases , however , portions of the duct may collect fluid and develop into a vaginal wall cyst later in life.Benign tumors of the vagina are uncommon and are usually made up of cysts .
Upon pelvic examination , a mass or bulge of the vaginal wall may be seen or felt by the examiner . Especially from from my vaginal area. However, chemotherapy is rarely used to treat vaginal cancer." A biopsy may be necessary to rule out vaginal cancer , especially if the mass appears to be solid.If the cyst is located under the bladder or urethra , X - rays may be required to be sure the cyst does not involve these structures .
Tests & diagnosis
The outcome is generally good . Frequently cysts remain small and require no treatment . Three of which are cysts, and one of those cysts is HUGE and covers a large area on my jawline. What it did do was clear my face of cysts but there was still moderate acne on my face, pretty bad... just most of the cysts were gone. small bumps, mixture of small bumps and cysts, just inflamed pimples, or nodules and cysts) degree of severity (mild, moderate, mild-moderate mix, moderate-severe When surgically removed , the cysts usually do not return .
There are usually no complications from the cysts themselves . A surgical excision procedure carries a small risk of complications depending on where the cyst is located in relation to other structures . It's located at the top of your vaginal lips.
Call your health care provider if a lump is felt inside the vagina or protruding from the vagina . Just in general the "vaginal" health has declined

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They may do a pelvic ultrasound (which is what you had before) and most likely a trans vaginal ultrasound (which shows everything much clearer)
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For a correct diagnosis a doctor MUST always have a vaginal swab cultured to determine what it is.