Trichotillomania is hair loss caused by compulsive pulling or twisting of the hair until it breaks off . Does constantly pulling the hair cause hair to fall out?!? We're pulling our hair out here! We are all pulling for you! Good Luck - I'm pulling for ya! I'm not sure if this is the muscles pulling it over or it actually has grown over. while the pulling is not that noticable and I have started to shave my hair line so I cant pull from there anymore I still hate that I do this I was pulling my hair out in November waiting for my appt with the neurologist at the first of December. He is literally pulling his hair out as a means of managing stress and anxiety (this is an OCD condition known as trichotillomania). One small very painful VERY ITCHY bump that had me pulling out my hair.
Symptoms usually begin before the age of 17 . The hair may come out in round patches or across the scalp . The effect is an uneven appearance . The person may pluck other hairy areas , such as the eyebrows , eyelashes , or body hair.These symptoms are usually seen in children : An uneven appearance to the hairBare patches or all around -LRB- diffuse -RRB- loss of hairBowel blockage -LRB- obstruction -RRB- if people eat the hair they pull outConstant tugging , pulling , or twisting of hairDenying the hair pullingHair regrowth that feels like stubble in the bare spotsIncreasing sense of tension before the hair pullingOther self - injury behaviorsSense of relief , pleasure , or gratification after the hair pulling * Pleasure, gratification, or relief when pulling out the hair * An increasing sense of tension immediately before pulling out the hair or when attempting to resist the behavior
Experts do n't agree on the use of medication for treatment . However , naltrexone and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors -LRB- SSRIs -RRB- have been shown to be effective in reducing some symptoms . Behavioral therapy and habit reversal may also be effective . He has suggested that I talk with my pdoc about my Trichotillomania to see whether there might be a different medication that I can take, or therapy that might benefit me.
Trichotillomania is a type of compulsive behavior . Its causes are not clearly understood.It may affect as much as 4 % of the population . Women are four times more likely to be affected than men.People with this disorder often will first seek the help of a doctor who treats skin problems -LRB- dermatologist -RRB- .
A piece of tissue may be removed -LRB- biopsy -RRB- to rule out other causes , such as a scalp infection , and to explain the hair loss .
Tests & diagnosis
Typically , trichotillomania is limited to younger children who tend to outgrow the behavior . For most , the hair pulling ends within 12 months . My 10 month old is already walking, and has been pulling himself up since 7 months. Children who start pulling hair early -LRB- before age 6 -RRB- tend to do better than those who start later . But start using a condom!! pulling out is not good!!
Early detection is the best form of prevention because it leads to early treatment . Decreasing stress can help , because stress may increase compulsive behavior .
People can have complications when they eat the pulled - out hair -LRB- trichophagia -RRB- . This can cause a blockage in the intestines or lead to poor nutrition .

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