Stroke related to cocaine use

Stroke related to cocaine use is a blockage in the blood supply to the brain and loss of brain function in someone who has used the drug , cocaine . the nuerologist asked me if i used cocaine ("cocaine, its a hell of a drug But what is true that the stroke is related to an area of your brain that is affected either by an embolism (blood not get to that part of the brain in order to nourish it) or a thrombolic stroke ( a rupture in a vessel in the brain).
Symptoms of cocaine use may include : AnxietyDepressionFatigueHeadacheHoarsenessInability to sleepNosebleedsRestlessnessSymptoms of a stroke include : Drowsiness , lethargy , or loss of consciousnessLoss of balance or coordinationLoss of memoryMood changesNumbness , tingling , decreased sensationPersonality changesSlurred speech , inability to speak or understand speech , difficulty reading or writingSwallowing difficulties or droolingUncontrollable eye movements or eyelid droopingVertigoVision changesWeakness or paralysis of an arm , leg , side of the face , or any part of the body After she lost use of her right arm and hand and her left leg, she suffered a stroke which left her left arm useless.
Treatment may include not just the stroke , but also other disorders that may occur from cocaine use.Possible treatments : Amantadine to reduce the risk of taking drugs againDopamine agonist medications for cocaine withdrawalDrugs to treat irregular heart rhythms -LRB- arrhythmias -RRB- Sedatives such as diazepam and midazolam to reduce agitation and sleeping difficulties -LRB- insomnia -RRB- A person who is in a coma may need life support , including tubes in the airway and a breathing machine -LRB- mechanical ventilation -RRB- .It is important to stop using cocaine . Treat cocaine addiction and any other addictions . Treatment should include monitoring for signs of cocaine withdrawal.Because most people who are addicted to cocaine are also addicted to other drugs -LRB- such as alcohol or heroin -RRB- , withdrawal symptoms from these drugs should also be treated . (like excess alcohol that damages it ect ) or drugs use (not only cocaine type drugs but even the doctors side effect pharmacy drugs). I have taken street drugs in my past past and this feels too much like cocaine to me (I hated cocaine it made me sleep and numb). Patients who are taking methadone for heroin addiction should continue to receive their regular dose .
Cocaine is a product of the coca plant and an illegal recreational drug . It is a strong stimulant that increases activity of the central nervous system and the nerves that run away from the spinal cord -LRB- peripheral nervous system -RRB- .Cocaine use can cause a number of medical problems . Stroke related to cocaine probably occurs because cocaine causes blood vessels to narrow -LRB- constrict -RRB- while it increases blood pressure -LRB- hypertension -RRB- . This vasoconstriction can be severe enough to reduce or block blood flow through the arteries in the brain . Cocaine use also can lead to swelling -LRB- inflammation -RRB- of the arteries of the brain.Stroke related to cocaine is most common in men under 40 years old . A history of recent cocaine use is a risk.A few people who experience stroke after using cocaine have an arteriovenous malformation , which may make them more likely to have a stroke . However,my symptoms started whilst i was using recreational drugs(cocaine mainly) Since it comes and goes, it may be related to poor circulation and that would need to be corrected before a stroke or other bad thing occurs. In these cases the stroke is due to bleeding in the brain instead of decreased blood flow .
Your health care provider will take a medical history of your symptoms and history of cocaine use.Signs include : Abnormal eye movementsChanges in reflexesChanges in vision or visual fieldsDecreased sensationMuscle weaknessYou also may have signs of other disorders that occur with cocaine use.Tests may include : Motor testsNervous system -LRB- neurologic -RRB- testsSensory testsUrine or blood toxicology screen
Tests & diagnosis
The outcome depends on : Any other health conditionsThe severity of the strokeWithdrawal symptomsThe outcome is often poor , especially with long - term cocaine use . Cocaine: You should stay away from this anyway, but yes it does cause acne for sure, especially after long term use... It is possible to die if many body systems stop functioning properly .
Do not use cocaine to prevent having a stroke related to cocaine use . Doctor said i have labrynthitis, could this be caused from past cocaine use I do get tired easily, but it could of course be other things. just wondering, could the fact that i took cocaine (not a lot) a couple of weeks ago have an effect? stroke (which I don't think is related to you at this time) thyroid TMJ ear infection headache (tension -- muscular/nerve related) cold/flu bed head ponytail or having hair pinned up hair products that cause the hair to be standing on end allergy to hair products dandruff/psoriasis/
See stroke for a list of complications . The stroke was considered a small stroke on the left of the brain. I am also concerned about pregnancy after a stroke I am 29 yrs. old and I had a stroke on New Years day of this year due to trama to the back of my neck. She has had at least one mini stroke and several little mini stroke like episodes. the depression, is a natural re-occuring emotion for a stroke survivor I'm 12+ years post stroke and still have bouts of depression I have the fear of stroke and seizures...the panic attack dosent scare me anymore, just the fear of stroke and seizure.
Go to the emergency room or call 911 if you have any symptoms of stroke . Of course I thought that I was having a stroke so I went to the emergency room - no stroke thankfully. TIA symptoms, which usually occur suddenly, are similar to those of stroke but do not last as long.

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