Pseudogout is a joint disease that can cause attacks of arthritis . Like gout , the condition involves the formation of crystals in the joints . But in pseudogout , the crystals are formed from a salt instead of uric acid .
Attacks of joint pain and fluid buildup in the joint , leading to joint swellingChronic -LRB- long - term -RRB- arthritisNo symptoms between attacks
Treatment may involve the removal of fluid to relieve pressure within the joint . A needle is placed into the joint and fluid is removed -LRB- aspirated -RRB- .Steroid injections may be helpful to treat severely inflamed joints . A course of oral steroids is sometimes used when multiple joints are inflamed.Nonsteroidal anti - inflammatory medications -LRB- NSAIDS -RRB- may help ease painful attacks . Colchicine may be useful in some people .
Pseudogout is caused by the collection of salt called calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate -LRB- CPPD -RRB- . The buildup of this salt forms crystals in the joints . This leads to attacks of joint swelling and pain in the knees , wrists , ankles , and other joints.Among older adults , pseudogout is a common cause of sudden -LRB- acute -RRB- arthritis in one joint.Pseudogout mainly affects the elderly . However , it can sometimes affect younger patients who have conditions such as : AcromegalyHemochromatosisOchronosisParathyroid diseaseThyroid diseaseWilson diseaseBecause the symptoms are similar , pseudogout can be misdiagnosed as : Gouty arthritis -LRB- gout -RRB- OsteoarthritisRheumatoid arthritis
An examination of joint fluid would show white blood cells and calcium pyrophosphate crystals.Joint x - rays may show joint damage , calcification of cartilage , and calcium deposits in joint spaces.Careful testing and analysis of crystals found in joints can help the doctor diagnose the condition . Fortunately , because most conditions involving joint pain are treated by the same medicines -LRB- such as steroids and nonsteroidal anti - inflammatory drugs -RRB- , an early mistaken diagnosis does not necessarily result in the wrong treatment .
Tests & diagnosis
Most people do well with treatment .
There is no known way to prevent this disorder . However , treating other problems that may cause pseudogout may make the condition less severe , and may help prevent it from developing in patients who do n't already have it .
Permanent joint damage can occur without treatment . So I have liver damage and pancreatitis now.
Call for an appointment with your health care provider if you have attacks of joint swelling and joint pain .

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