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Non - Hodgkin 's lymphoma is cancer of the lymphoid tissue , which includes the lymph nodes , spleen , and other organs of the immune system . Blood work does not indicate lymphoma since lymphoma is a cancer of the lymph nodes. If that comes back positive for cancer cells then it is a pretty good chance of lymphoma all though other cancer types effect the lymph nodes such as squamous cell, etc. Has anyone with Lymphoma heard about their spleen hardening? Lymphoma usually doesn't present as lymph nodes that are palpable on the surface anyway....usually they are lymph nodes that deeper in the body....especially ones that are next to the mediastinum (especially in Hodgkin's lymphoma). That is why the cancer lymphoma is usually described as a non painful, non-tender node, because the more painful conditions ironically are usually the least dangerous to life.
Non - Hodgkin 's lymphoma can cause a variety of symptoms . Symptoms depend on what area of the body is affected by the cancer . Symptoms may include : Excessive sweating , especially while sleeping at nightFeverSevere itchinessSwollen lymph nodes in the neck , underarms , groin , or other areasUnintentional weight lossCoughing or shortness of breath may occur if the cancer affects the thymus gland or lymph nodes in the chest , which puts pressure on the windpipe -LRB- trachea -RRB- or other airways.Some patients may have abdominal pain or swelling , which may lead to a loss of appetite , constipation , nausea , and vomiting.If the cancer affects cells in the brain , the person may have a headache , concentration problems , personality changes , or seizures . The most common symptom of Hodgkin's disease is a painless swelling in the lymph nodes in the neck, underarm, or groin.
Treatment depends on how quickly the cancer spreads , the stage of the cancer when you are first diagnosed , and any symptoms.Chemotherapy is commonly used as the main form of treatment.Another drug , called rituximab -LRB- Rituxan -RRB- , is often used to treat non - Hodgkin 's lymphoma . Rituxan is a form of immunotherapy . Has anyone been on Rituxan for their Lymphoma? It targets a molecule on the surface of B - cells.Radioimmunotherapy may be used in some cases . This involves linking a radioactive substance to an antibody that helps the immune system fight infection , and injecting the substance into the body.In select cases , a stem cell or bone marrow transplant may be needed . We returned to Cleveland on Monday, they confirmed that I did indeed have Large B-Cell Lymphoma and took bone marrow samples from both sides of my pelvis
White blood cells called lymphocytes are found in lymph tissues . Most lymphomas start in a type of white blood cells called B lymphocytes , or B cells.For most patients , the cause of this cancer is unknown . The type of lymphoma is determined by a pathologist which is the type of cancer cells seen under a microscope. I believe that anemia and a low white blood cell count are common in lymphoma patients. However , lymphomas may develop in people with weakened immune systems . For example , the risk of lymphoma increases after an organ transplant or in people with HIV infection.Non - Hodgkin 's lymphoma is classified according to how fast the cancer spreads . The cancer may be low grade , intermediate grade , or high grade . Burkitt 's tumor is an example of a high - grade lymphoma . There are many different types of non - Hodgkin 's lymphoma.According to the American Cancer Society , a person has a 1 in 50 chance of developing non - Hodgkin 's lymphoma . Most of the time , this cancer affects adults . However , children can get some forms of lymphoma . High - risk groups include those who have received an organ transplant or who have a weakened immune system -LRB- immunosuppression -RRB- .This type of cancer is more common in men than in women .
The doctor will perform a physical exam and check body areas with lymph nodes to feel if they are swollen . She's had numerous tests including bone marrow biopsy and all are negative except for an elevated protein level in her blood that the DR says is present with lymphoma.No other symptoms of swollen lymph nodes, fevers, or night sweats. Tests to diagnose and stage non - Hodgkin 's lymphoma include : Blood chemistry testsBone marrow aspiration and biopsyCBC with white blood cell differentialCT scans of the chest , abdomen and pelvisLymph node biopsyPET -LRB- positron emission tomography -RRB- scanX - rays Quote: Originally Posted by please911 I was wondering when you have lymphoma do you have a high White Blood Cell count or do you have a low white blood cell count??? thanks In the early stages of Lymphoma your blood counts may be in the normal range.
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Low - grade non - Hodgkin 's lymphoma ca n't be cured with chemotherapy alone . Does lymphoma ever cause sudden blood loss? However , the low - grade form of this cancer progresses slowly , and it may take more than 10 years before the disease gets worse.Chemotherapy can help cure high - grade lymphoma . However , if the cancer does not respond to chemotherapy drugs , the disease can cause rapid death .
Autoimmune hemolytic anemiaInfection
Call your health care provider if you develop symptoms of this disorder.If you have non - Hodgkin 's lymphoma , call your health care provider if you experience persistent fever or other signs of infection .

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From everything I have read about hodgkins and non-hodgkins is that there are two forms of lyphoma one is non NHL(non-hodgkins lymphoma) the other is HD (hodgkins disease) They both have the same symptoms.
I am a survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and one of my first symptoms was itching(which I did not know at the time was a symptom of this disease).
Cancers that can cause swollen glands include leukemia, Hodgkin's disease, or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Missy ok, here goes: there's a thing called "family cancer syndrome" (i just found out about it myself), which in my family consists of the blood-born cancers (hodgkins/lymphoma/myeloma/leukemia)
They found 2 3cm tumors in my right breast and ruled out breast cancer right away but it took surgery to decover that even though they were 99.9 percent sure I did NOT have cancer they were wrong, I did have non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

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Grandma died in 1980 age 59, uncle died in 2001 age 49, aunt developed non hodgkins lymphoma during the summer of 2003 at the same time my mother was dying of cancer.
The possible diagnoses are: HIV, Hepatitis C Cirrhosis of the liver Pancreatic Cancer Malt Lymphoma Stomach Cancer H. Pylori Disease Pancreas Stone Immune Disorder Lung Cancer Bacterial infection These above diseases all have similar symptoms.
My husband recently died from a Proliferating T-cell Lymphoma however diagnosis was not made until autopsy.
The really weird thing about indolent lymphoma is it is not curable but people can live a normal life span, whereas with the Non-Hodgekins disease it can kill you rather rapidly if not caught in time, but they have what they call a cure for it.
Carde P, Hagenbeek A, Hayat M, et al: Clinical staging versus laparotomy and combined modality with MOPP versus ABVD in early-stage Hodgkin's disease: the H6 twin randomized trials from the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Lymphoma Cooperative Group