Milia are tiny white bumps or small cysts on the skin . when i stretch the skin I can see little white bumps under the skin and I can squeeze them out Milia are deep seeded white bumps that form when skin cells become trapped rather than exfoliate naturally. Petroleum jelly has been know to cause milia (which are tiny white bumps under the skin). As for symptoms, I have real bad itching,reddness,swelling,my skin is rough,and I have little white bumps kind of like goose bumps. There are just bumps everywhere, under my skin on my cheeks and chin. Meaning my skin has redness, red bumps, and white/black heads. Little white bumps, or milia, are keratin-filled cysts, or simply little globs of protein under the skin.
Whitish , pearly bump in the skin of newborns , typically across cheeks , nose , and chin
In children , no treatment is needed.A doctor may remove milia in adults who wish to improve their appearance . While removing milia is certainly not a technique that one must attend medical school to be able to do, it is rather difficult to remove your own milia.
Milia occur when dead skin becomes trapped in small pockets at the surface of the skin or mouth . They are common in newborn infants and appear as pearly white bumps , most commonly across the upper cheeks , nose , and chin . Milia generally disappear after the first several weeks of life.Similar cysts are seen in the mouths of newborn infants . In this case , they are called Epstein 's pearls . These cysts also go away on their own . Adults may develop milia on the face . Some people experience milia around the mouth. Although some people naturally make milia, and I certainly expect everyone to have an occasional bump at one time or another, milia are often the result of a problem that has affected the skinís surface. The bumps and cysts also occur on parts of the body that are inflammed or injured . Irritation of the skin by rough sheets or clothing may cause mild reddening around the bump , but the central portion remains white.Irritated milia are sometimes incorrectly referred to as " baby acne " -LRB- although it is not actually a form of acne -RRB- .
The doctor can usually diagnose milia just by examining the skin . my daughter gets milia under her eyes alot. she is 8. anything i can do for her? or should i just let em go..... No testing is necessary .
Tests & diagnosis
In children , milia usually disappear without treatment and without any lasting effects.In adults , milia removal can usually be done without scarring . When you were a baby, you were probably covered with milia that disappear after a few days. Primary milia may result from oil glands that have not fully or properly developed.
There is no known prevention .
There are usually no complications .

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skin gentle cleanser pores colored whiteheads clogged rid sensitive cetaphil dry
Purpose gentle wash Eucerin gentle hydrating wash Cetaphil for oily skin Oil of Olay for sensitive skin Good luck finding your favorite.
hey do you guys no if accutane helps to get rid of those little bumps (i think they are clogged pores-milia) underneath the skin (they are skin colored and some times turn red).
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser ($8.99 for 16 ounces) is a very good cleanser for someone with dry, sensitive skin.
Exfoliation!, Basicly Exfoliation is mainly for opening pores, cleansing them, increasing cell turnover, scrubbing off dead skin cells to show your fresh layer of skin. 6.
yea im super oily too. so wait now im confused is this milia stuff the same thing as clogged pores or what and how do i get rid of milia.

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exfoliation skin gentle scrub creams acid use apply glycolic aha acne
hopefully, instead of heavy exfoliation 2-3x a week, light daily exfoliation might be better for sensitive skin
Great advice meagan, i also recommend, every night you use use a nice soothing exfoliation scrubm scrub VERY lightly, to graze off any dead skin, you will notice in the morning that your skin is alot smoother and a nicer shade
Some people find that Alpha Hydroxy Acid speeds up the process through exfoliation.
There are exfoliation products designed for sensitive skin - I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Sensitive Skin and it works fine.
Now, the only thing that keeps my skin clear is B5 (10 grams daily--20 500mg capsules) Differin Gel, Retin-A micro, and proper exfoliation.