Hypervitaminosis A

Hypervitaminosis A is having too much vitamin A in the body . Because beta carotene is not converted to vitamin A except as the body requires it, you cannot get toxic levels of vitamin A (hypervitaminosis) from it.
Abnormal softening of the skull bone -LRB- craniotabes -- infants and children -RRB- Blurred visionBone pain or swellingBulging fontanelle -LRB- infants -RRB- Changes in consciousnessDecreased appetiteDizzinessDouble vision -LRB- young children -RRB- DrowsinessFatigueHeadacheImpotence and ejaculation failureIncreased intracranial pressureIrritabilityNauseaOsteoporosisPoor weight gain -LRB- infants and children -RRB- Skin and hair changes
Treatment involves simply stopping the use of too much vitamin A . It's actually a little normal for a girl to get a crush on a friend or a teacher of the same sex because you have an emotional connection or simply admire that person.
There are two types of vitamin A hypervitaminosis : Acute -- caused by taking too much vitamin A over a short period of timeChronic -- occurs when too much of the vitamin is present over a longer periodChronic vitamin A toxicity develops after taking too much vitamin A for long periods . 10 grams per day, she is also taking biotin with each dose, a B complex once a day, vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, and a multi vitamin, but I am sure the results have been from the B5 Causes of vitamin A toxicity generally are categorized into acute and chronic and known as "Hypervitaminosis A":- - Acute toxicity occurs within a few hours or days after a very large intake as a result of accidental over-ingestion or inappropriate therapy
Bone hardening -LRB- calcification -RRB- High blood calcium levels High cholesterolHigh serum creatinine -LRB- suggesting kidney damage -RRB- Serum vitamin A levels
Tests & diagnosis
Most people fully recover . For some people the flares last a few days or a few weeks... other people flare for a few months or a year or longer... but, there are ways to "bust-up" a flare.
To avoid hypervitaminosis A , avoid taking more than the recommended daily allowance of this vitamin . Recent emphasis on vitamin A and beta carotene as anti - cancer vitamins may contribute to chronic hypervitaminosis A , if people take more than is recommended . Many of the 'one a day' type vitamins contain more vitamin A than most people should have ...especially since vitamin a is in a lot of food products that we normally consume. http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/angel.gif
Excessively high calcium levelsFailure to thriveKidney damage due to high calciumLiver damageOsteoporosisProstate cancerRecent studies show that taking too much vitamin A during pregnancy can cause abnormal development in the fetus . Talk to your health care provider about eating a proper diet while you are pregnant . the family health center that i goto has a gynecologist, a lab where they do all kinds of blood work, a dermatologist, a dentist, and a lot of stuff for young pregnant mothers
Call your health care provider if you think that you or your child may have taken too much vitamin A , or you have symptoms of excess vitamin A . Supplementing that deficiency with a one-a-day source of Vitamin A will help restore your immune health; especially in the case where a person is not receiving the natural source of the vitamin through their daily diet.

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