Hemoglobin C disease

Hemoglobin C disease is a blood disorder passed down through families . It leads to a type of anemia , which causes red blood cells to break down earlier than normal . A deficit in iron, hemoglobin, red blood cells, or a combination of the three leads to less oxygen getting to body tissues (anemia). Not only did he have low red blood count and low hemoglobin (severe anemia), he also had small red blood cells.
Most people do not have symptoms . Occasionally , jaundice may occur . Some persons with this disease may develop gallstones that require treatment .
Usually no treatment is needed . Folic acid supplementation may help your body produce normal red blood cells and improve the symptoms of the anemia .
Hemoglobin C is a problem with hemoglobin , the part of red blood cells that carry oxygen . Hemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. It is a type of hemoglobinopathy . The disease is caused by problem with a gene called beta globin . The disease most often occurs in African Americans . You are more likely to develop hemoglobin C disease if someone in your family has had it . Hopefully I won't have another problem, but my hemoglobin never goes above 12.
Physical examination reveals an enlarged spleen.Tests that may be done include : Complete blood countHemoglobin electrophoresisPeripheral smearSerum hemoglobin I know I have had this for awhile it was a very gradual process for me, I know my hemoglobin was 10 back in February when I had a hysterectomy I found that I had antibodies when they typed my blood
Tests & diagnosis
People with hemoglobin C disease can expect to lead a normal life . I saw my Dr. again today...my labs were all normal(except my hemoglobin was a little low).
Genetic counseling may be appropriate for high - risk couples who wish to have a baby . Since a baby I have had hemoglobin issues being very low.
Complications include episodes of pain , hip problems , vision problems , and gallbladder disease . followed by sinus tachycardia Chest pain, squeezing around heart area Joint pain Numbness in hands, face, feet Heavy right leg Cognitive impairment (mild) Severe headaches Vision disturbance (primarily in one eye) Severe shortness of breath Abnormal EKG Mysterious red rashes all over body Ringing in ears Enlarged right tonsil Chills Extreme dizziness/balance problems Stomach problems Low Hemoglobin/Anemia Low potassium level -Ryan
Call your health care provider if you have symptoms of hemoglobin C disease . When my hemoglobin came back a little to high a couple of times I even purchased a hand held hemoglobin machine and started checking it at home.

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High Prob. Terms:
hemoglobin 4 5 low anemic range 12 iron levels 7 11
Anemic means that your hemoglobin is low and yours isn't (it was at low end of normal but not below).
His hemoglobin level is 11.6 g/dL, with the normal range being 13.2-17.1.
Range=3.8-5.2 Hemoglobin= 12.1 Ref. range=11.7-15.7 Hematocrit= 35.4 Ref.
Hemoglobin went from 15.6 to 8.4 in 4 1/2 hours ---I passed out.I was given a shot of Vitamin K to stop the bleeding.
My Doc watched my blood levels, and when my hemoglobin reached l9.5 and my hematacrit reached 59, he referred me to a hemotologist.

High Prob. Terms:
hemoglobin low iron hematocrit 9 count 8 a1c cell ferritin level
My first hemoglobin count was 9.4 then it fell to 9.0. she has me on iron and multi vitamin. my hemoglobin count is now 10.5 my ferritin level is 8.
------------------------------------------------------------------------- A1C (also called Glycosylated hemoglobin A1c, HbA1c or glycohemoglobin A1c) Less than 6% for non-diabetics, less than 7% for diabetics
My hemoglobin was down to 8.8.
Anemia is measured several different ways, including: a low red blood cell count low hemoglobin low hematocrit What this means is that could be why you are not feeling that hot too.
I thought people had to take iron supplements for a period of time after hemoglobin was normal just to help build iron stores in body.