E coli enteritis

E. coli enteritis is inflammation of the small intestine from Escherichia coli -LRB- E. coli -RRB- bacteria . E. has seen the light haha, E. has seen the light! Quote: Originally Posted by Emsybobs Hi all, ive posted a few times, I had two e coli infections last yr in my bladder which resulted in chronic cystitis - my bladder in inflamed It is the most common cause of travelers ' diarrhea . Most common bacteria is E.Coli for chronic bacterial prostatitis. Then let out for a few days but on his return he claims to have been told that he has e-coli in 4 of the vertebrae in his spine - the story we are getting is that this is a fairly common side effect of chemo. Culture test was done for this second UTI, bacteria was found to be the most common one - E.coli. - Prescribed 10-day course of Trimethoprim (E.coli is sensitive to it) to clear it up and 5 days later I have had NO improvement in symptoms.
Symptoms occur when the E. coli bacteria enters the intestine . The time between being infected and developing symptoms is usually 24 - 72 hours . Symptoms may include : Abdominal painDiarrhea that is sudden and severe , and may be bloodyFeverGasLoss of appetiteStomach crampingVomiting -LRB- rare -RRB-
Cases usually clear up on their own in 1 - 3 days , and no treatment is required.Antidiarrheal medication may not be recommended , because it can slow the bacteria from leaving the digestive tract.You may need electrolyte solutions if you are dehydrated . Persons with diarrhea -LRB- especially young children -RRB- who are unable to drink fluids because of nausea may need medical care and intravenous fluids.If you take diuretics and develop diarrhea , you may need to stop taking the diuretic during the acute episode . Do not stop taking any medicine without the advice of your health care provider.Avoid dairy products . They may make the diarrhea worse due to temporary lactose intolerance that may occur .
E. coli enteritis is a type of bacterial gastroenteritis.Certain types of E. coli infection occur with hemolytic uremic syndrome.Risk factors include : Drinking untreated or contaminated waterEating unsanitary foodRecent family illness with E. coliRecent family illness with vomiting or diarrheaTravel to places that have unclean drinking water Joed, you could be eating or drinking something contaminated with e coli, and be suffering from bacterial diarrhea, sometimes called traveler's diarrhea.
The health care provider will perform a physical exam . A stool culture can be done to check for disease - causing E. coli . There is a test the doctor can perform---they can do a stool culture and check for e coli. Now, just to play it safe, you should go to your doctor and ask him to do a liver profile blood test, he can also test you for e coli (a culture done from stool), and run a general blood test on you.
Tests & diagnosis
The illness usually runs its course in a few days , without treatment . A small number of patients may need to be admitted to the hospital if they become very dehydrated or they develop hemolytic uremic syndrome .
Careful hand washing may be helpful . Do not drink untreated or possibly contaminated food or water . Once you eat food contaminated with e coli, the incubation period is 1 day up to 9 days; so it can be the next day or even 9 days later that you get symptoms. Always cook meats well , especially ground meats . Cook meats at high enough temperatures to kill bacteria .
DehydrationProlonged diarrheaTemporary lactose intolerance afterwards -LRB- usually gets better in 1-2 weeks or less -RRB-
Call for an appointment with your health care provider if : You are unable to keep fluids downDiarrhea does not go away in 3 - 4 daysYou see blood in your stoolYou develop symptoms of dehydrationYour symptoms worsen or do not improve with treatmentYou develop new symptoms Does your husband have any other symptoms i.e. itching, burning etc. ?

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