Distal renal tubular acidosis

Distal renal tubular acidosis is a disease that occurs when the kidneys do n't remove acid properly into the urine , leaving the blood too acidic -LRB- called acidosis -RRB- . Blood count good, No RA,no inflamation in the cells, liver good, kidneys good, the strep infection wasn't in my joints and then the doctor says my ANA was positive and unrelated to why i was there that i have a condition called Acidosis (to much acid in the blood)and that that is a red flag for an underlying disease He going through evals and whatnot for autism and had some blood work that came back "off" He was diagnosed today with: distal renal tubular acidosis anyone have experience with this?
Confusion or decreased alertnessFatigueImpaired growthIncreased breathing rateKidney stonesNephrocalcinosisOsteomalaciaRicketsSkeletal deformitiesMuscle weaknessOther symptoms can include : Bone painBloody urineDecreased urine outputIncreased heart rate or irregular heartbeatMuscle crampsPain in the back , flank , or abdomen
The goal is to restore the normal pH -LRB- acid - base level -RRB- and electrolyte balance . This will indirectly correct bone disorders and reduce the risk of calcium build - up in the kidneys -LRB- nephrocalcinosis -RRB- and kidney stones . The underlying cause should be corrected if it can be identified.Alkaline medications such as potassium citrate and sodium bicarbonate correct the acidic condition of the body . Sodium bicarbonate may correct the loss of potassium and calcium.Vitamin D and calcium supplements are usually not given because there may be too much calcium in the kidneys , even after bicarbonate therapy . I will be sure to try out those calcium additives, read up on acidosis and seek professional help on this subject.
Your kidneys normally regulate your body 's pH by controlling acids.Distal renal tubular acidosis -LRB- Type I RTA -RRB- is caused by a defect in the kidney tubes that causes acid to build up in the bloodstream.Type I RTA is caused by a variety of conditions , including : Autoimmune diseasesDrugs such as amphotericin B , lithium , and analgesicsHereditary disorders
Arterial blood gas -LRB- ABG -RRB- and blood chemistries may indicate metabolic acidosis and low blood potassium level . 5.0.Urinalysis may show abnormalities , including increased levels of calcium and potassium in the urine . I did read that high blood pressure can indicate renal problems. Even if any of this were somehow true, The body compensates for metabolic acidosis by stimulating hyperventilation, then much later by retaining bicarbonate in the kidneys THEN ALOT LATER by removing calcium from bones
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The disorder must be treated to reduce its effects and complications , which can be permanent or life - threatening . Among many other side effects, "cardio-renal" effects are mentioned, including bloating and puffiness, especially in face and ankles. Most cases get better with treatment .
There is no prevention for this disorder .
OsteomalaciaRicketsNephrocalcinosisKidney stonesElectrolyte imbalances , such as low blood potassium level The card i take to the blood test says to test for Renal, Lipids and HDL/LDL.
Call your health care provider if you have symptoms of distal renal tubular acidosis.Get help immediately if you develop emergency symptoms , such as : Decreased consciousnessSeizuresSevere decrease in alertness or orientation Not the acidosis but the general symptoms at all? In children with distal renal tubular acidosis, bicarbonate probably contributes to stone formation by further alkalinizing the urine."] Taking drugs greatly increases your risks of many health problems, not just kidney stones, that is but one.

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Although nifedipine has been used safely in patients with renal dysfunction and has been reported to exert a beneficial effect in certain cases, rare reversible elevations in BUN and serum creatinine have been reported in patients with pre-existing chronic renal insufficiency
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I would've replied sooner, but been ill with renal colic. lol It's so much fun!!