Dehydration means your body does not have as much water and fluids as it should . Drink lots and lots of water (dehydration can contribute to headache frequency and intensity). Dehydration can be caused by losing too much fluid , not drinking enough water or fluids , or both . Dehydration can cause thicker mucus, so the more water you drink the thinner the mucus will become. Water retention is not caused by drinking too much water - it is typically caused by dehydration, excessive toxins (including preservatives and chemical additives from food) Vomiting and diarrhea are common causes.Infants and children are more susceptible to dehydration than adults because of their smaller body weights and higher turnover of water and electrolytes . water can be the hardest thing to swallow,with the tube you will be able to take in enough to prevent dehydration The elderly and those with illnesses are also at higher risk.Dehydration is classified as mild , moderate , or severe based on how much of the body 's fluid is lost or not replenished . When severe , dehydration is a life - threatening emergency . Are U drinking enough fluids, as sometimes dehydration happens with anemia, and I know dehydration can cause high readings.
Dry or sticky mouthLow or no urine output ; concentrated urine appears dark yellowNot producing tearsSunken eyesMarkedly sunken fontanelles -LRB- the soft spot on the top of the head -RRB- in an infantLethargic or comatose -LRB- with severe dehydration -RRB- usually, in a hospital, it means the person's urine is very concentrated due to dehydration (i I had symptoms of dehydration: ghostly pale skin, sunken in eyes that were glazed over and looked dead, and dark urine.
Drinking fluids is usually sufficient for mild dehydration . It is better to have frequent , small amounts of fluid -LRB- using a teaspoon or syringe for an infant or child -RRB- rather than trying to force large amounts of fluid at one time . A low carb diet reduces lean muscle mass, weakens liver function with abnormal amounts of fat and protein, weakens kidney function and causes dehydration with excessive amounts of protein Drinking too much fluid at once can bring on more vomiting.Electrolyte solutions or freezer pops are especially effective . Dehydration could bring down your BP like that. These are available at pharmacies . Sport drinks contain a lot of sugar and can cause or worsen diarrhea . In infants and children , avoid using water as the primary replacement fluid.Intravenous fluids and hospitalization may be necessary for moderate to severe dehydration . The doctor will try to identify and then treat the cause of the dehydration.Most cases of stomach viruses -LRB- also called viral gastroenteritis -RRB- tend to resolve on their own after a few days . See also : diarrhea
Your body may lose too much fluids from : Vomiting or diarrheaExcessive urine output , such as with uncontrolled diabetes or diuretic use
A physical examination may also show signs of : Low blood pressureBlood pressure that drops when you go from lying down to standingRapid heart ratePoor skin turgor -- the skin may lack its normal elasticity and sag back into position slowly when pinched up into a fold by the doctor ; normally , skin springs right back into positionDelayed capillary refillShock
Tests & diagnosis
When dehydration is recognized and treated promptly , the outcome is generally good . They drew some blood and decided that they would go away and they treated him for dehydration for three days. Finally, the dehydration problem stopped but I still had all of the other problems. I wonder if dehydration can be the cause of this annoying taste in my mouth!!! Beware dehydration particularly in the summer.
Even when healthy , drink plenty of fluid every day . Drink more when the weather is hot or you are exercising.Carefully monitor someone who is ill , especially an infant , child , or older adult . If you believe that dehydration is developing , consult a doctor before the person becomes moderately or severely dehydrated . Begin fluid replacement as soon as vomiting and diarrhea start -- DO NOT wait for signs of dehydration.Always encourage the person to drink during an illness , and remember that a person 's fluid needs are greater when that person has fever , vomiting , or diarrhea . The easiest signs to monitor are urine output -LRB- there should be frequent wet diapers or trips to the bathroom -RRB- , saliva in the mouth , and tears when crying .
Untreated severe dehydration may result in seizures , permanent brain damage , or death . They are admitting 6 kids to the hospital each day with severe dehydration and this scares me to death.
Call 911 if you or your child have the following symptomsDizzinessLightheadednessLethargyConfusionCall your doctor right away if you or your child has any of the following symptoms : Not producing tearsSunken eyesLittle or no urine output for 8 hoursDry skin that sags back into position slowly when pinched up into a foldDry mouth or dry eyesSunken soft - spot on the top of your infant 's headFast - beating heartBlood in the stool or vomitDiarrhea or vomiting -LRB- in infants less than 2 months old -RRB- Listlessness and inactivenessAlso call your doctor if you are not sure whether your attempts to give your child proper fluids are working .

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