Bilateral hydronephrosis

Bilateral hydronephrosis is the enlargement -LRB- distention -RRB- of the urine collecting structures and pelvis of both kidneys . Bilateral means both sides.See also : Unilateral hydronephrosis Quote: Originally Posted by ksc1968 Hi, anyone here ever have a unilateral hydronephrosis 2 years later turn into bilateral?
Signs of hydronephrosis are generally seen during pregnancy ultrasound studies . There are no symptoms in the fetus.In the newborn , any urinary tract infection is reason to suspect some type of obstructive problem in the kidney . An older child who gets repeat urinary tract infections should be evaluated for possible obstruction.Urinary tract obstruction usually has no other symptoms beyond an increased number of urinary tract infections . Hydronephrosis and pyelonephritis come around when either the urinary tract infection isn't treated and it ascends, or the stones are asymptomatic and they result in urinary obstruction.
Placing a Foley catheter may relieve the obstruction . Other treatment options include draining the bladder or relieving pressure with nephrostomy tubes placed through the skin -LRB- percutaneous -RRB- or stents placed in the ureters to allow urine to flow from the kidney to the bladder.Once the blockage is treated , the underlying cause -LRB- such as an enlarged prostate -RRB- must be identified and treated . But the last couple of years I have had kidney problems, pain, hydronephrosis, had a stent placed and then removed.
Bilateral hydronephrosis occurs when urine is unable to drain from the kidney down the ureters into the bladder . My son was born with one kidney and the one kidney he has was diagnosed with grade 5 reflux causing severe hydronephrosis. Hydronephrosis is not itself a disease , but rather a physical result of whatever disease is keeping urine from draining out of the kidneys , ureters , and bladder.Disorders associated with bilateral hydronephrosis include : Acute bilateral obstructive uropathyBladder outlet obstructionChronic bilateral obstructive uropathyNeurogenic bladderPosterior ureteral valvesPrune belly syndromeUteropelvic junction obstructionVesicoureteric reflux
Bilateral hydronephrosis may be seen on : CT scan of the abdomen or kidneysIVPPregnancy -LRB- fetal -RRB- ultrasoundRenal scanUltrasound of the abdomen or kidneys The CT scan showed moderate hydronephrosis of the right kidney. I've been having extreme kidney and flank pain on both sides for over a month, and last weekend was diagnosed with bilateral hydronephrosis after a CT Scan.
Tests & diagnosis
Advances in fetal ultrasound have given specialists the ability to diagnose problems caused by bilateral obstruction of the urinary tract in the developing fetus . Told it was likely bilateral viral labyrinthitis by the oto given the viral illness that accompanied the onset. If an obstruction is detected in a fetus , intrauterine surgery -LRB- performed while the fetus is still inside the mother 's uterus -RRB- , or shortly after birth , will improve kidney function.Newborns diagnosed with obstruction while still in the uterus can receive prompt surgical correction of the defects , often with good results .
A fetal ultrasound can reveal an obstruction of the urinary tract and allow for early surgery with better outcomes in the newborn . Other causes of obstruction , such as kidney stones , can be diagnosed early if individuals recognize early warning signs of obstruction and kidney disease . You'd be having trouble with hematuria (blood in the urine), urinary obstruction, stones, flank pain, kidney infections, pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis etc.
Renal insufficiency or failure may develop as a complication of many of the disorders associated with hydronephrosis . 2 cm no evidence of hydronephrosis or renal calculus what exactly does the result mean
This disorder is usually discovered by the health care provider .

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