Barbiturate intoxication and overdose

Barbiturates are a type of depressant drug that causes relaxation and sleepiness . In relatively low doses , barbiturates and alcohol have very similar clinical syndromes of intoxication.However , excessive and prolonged dosages of barbiturate drugs , such as phenobarbital , may produce the following chronic symptoms : memory loss , irritability , changes in alertness , and decreased interpersonal functioning . Barbiturates may also cause an acute overdose syndrome , which is life - threatening .
Symptoms of acute barbiturate intoxication include : SluggishnessIncoordinationDifficulty in thinkingSlowness of speechFaulty judgmentDrowsiness or comaShallow breathingStaggering
Most overdoses of depressant medications are mixtures of drugs , commonly alcohol and barbiturates or benzodiazepines , or barbiturates and opiates -LRB- heroin or Oxycontin -RRB- .Some users use a combination of all 4 drugs . Those who take such combinations tend to be either new users who do n't know that such combinations are a recipe for coma or death , or experienced users who want to entirely blot out consciousness . This second group is among the most difficult to treat.Because mixtures are the most common cause of death , an opiate - blocking drug called naloxone -LRB- Narcan -RRB- is often used to treat overdose when an opiate was part of the mix . instead of just a couple days, but that's another story Now of course, take that same opiate naive person and give them Shore's 150mg in one day, they'd probably overdose and die (though I suppose not before experiencing a high that would to them be the equivalent of a double-shot of heroin or something) If opiates are involved , naloxone will often rapidly restore consciousness and breathing.There is no direct antidote to barbiturates or alcohol overdose . In such overdoses , respiration must be maintained by artificial means until the drugs are removed from the body . I know 800mcg is the 100% so I think that is okay (thats what pregnant women have to take) I get concious of vitamin overdoses because I took accutane (which is a overdose of vitamin A) and it scared to me to death the side effects I got after I was done with it Some drugs may help speed the removal of barbiturates .
Barbiturate abuse is still a major addiction problem in the population , although it has been partly replaced by addiction to other depressant drugs more commonly prescribed , such as benzodiazepines.Though most people who take these medications for seizure disorders or pain syndromes do not abuse them , many abusers start by abusing medication prescribed for them or for other family members . I would be crying my eyes out by the time I got home from work and the pain and nausea were so bad I couldn't eat dinner - I lost 15 pounds -- I would overdose on OTC pain medications because I didn't want to ask a doctor for anything (although I did get put on Vicodan for a few days and that was an absolute nightmare)
Physical exam and clinical history are usually sufficient to make the diagnosis . Drug screens , both urine and serum , can detect barbiturates for up to 5 days after ingestion . Additional blood tests may show the severity of breathing difficulty . I take one iron pill for the first seven days of my cycle but after that I am reluctant to take iron because you can overdose on it. ::sigh:: Guess I will have to see a doc one way or another, and get blood tests done to test for all of this.
Tests & diagnosis
For barbiturate overdose or mixture overdose , the death rate is about 10 % , and can be higher if proper treatment is not readily given . the risk of a bad reaction seems higher than with the modern antidepressants, theres also the suicide risk from an overdose I agree that others may work BUT Anafranil has the highest success rate They say there is no overdose problem if you eat foods high in Magnesium but you can overdose by taking too many magnesium suppliments. IMO your body's organs can't cope with this huge amount/ overdose of one core substance. Zinc overdose basically causes the opposite effects of what it's actually supposed to do, meaning lowered immune response, nausea, diarhhea, vomiting, etc. With current life support measures , including decontamination , supportive care , and helping the body eliminate the drugs , mortality may be less than 2 percent .
Do NOT take barbiturates , except as prescribed . Do NOT exceed the prescribed dose . Never mix barbiturates with heroin -LRB- or other opiates -RRB- , valium , benzodiazepines , or alcohol of any kind .
Barbiturates may cause prolonged coma and may damage fetuses of pregnant women . You can't overdose on b12, but lack of it can cause a lot of damage.
Call 911 immediately if someone has taken barbiturates and seems lethargic or has slowed breathing , or if someone has taken barbiturates with alcohol , opiates , or benzodiazepine drugs . People should realize any medication whether over the counter or prescribed by a doctor, if not taken directly as written, it could cause a overdose. These drugs together cause greater effects than each alone . The chances of experiencing permanent side-effects if you overdose on Vitamin A (an amount greater than 25,000 IU) for a period of max. 3 months is probably around 3-5% so very slim chance! More than half of all overdose deaths result from drug mixtures .

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What to do: For an acute overdose, call your doctor, emergency medical services (EMS), or the nearest poison control center immediately.

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