Aseptic meningitis

Aseptic meningitis is an illness that appears similar to bacterial meningitis ; however , bacteria do not grow in cultures of the fluid around the brain and spinal cord -LRB- cerebrospinal fluid -RRB- .See also : MeningitisMeningitis - cryptococcalMeningitis - gram - negativeMeningitis - H. influenzaeMeningitis - meningococcalMeningitis - pneumococcalMeningitis - staphylococcalMeningitis - tuberculous Symptoms you are describing are those of meningitis, however, it's much more likely it's viral kind, because, frankly, bacterial is very r**** and although it's curable you can't really be well for 2 weeks with bacterial meningitis
Abdominal painAbnormal sensitivity to light -LRB- photophobia -RRB- ChillsConfusionDrowsinessFeverGeneral discomfort , uneasiness , or ill feeling -LRB- malaise -RRB- HeadacheMuscle painNausea and vomitingRashSore throatStiff neck
Treatment is needed for fungal or mycobacterial causes of aseptic meningitis . So Ive come home after discharging myself (all my bloods were normal) and I suspect that this is probably aseptic meningitis caused by the inflammatory/immune/neurological complications. Herpesvirus or varicella -LRB- chicken pox -RRB- virus may be treated with antiviral medicines . Treatment for non - infectious causes consists of pain medications and management of complications , if they occur.No specific treatment is available for enteroviral aseptic meningitis . They did every test in the world and finally called it non specific Meningitis because they could not find a reason for it.
There are many causes of aseptic meningitis , including : Infections near the brain or spinal cord , such as epidural abscessesFungiMycobacteriaSome cancers -LRB- cause a syndrome similar to meningitis -RRB- Some medications -LRB- such as antibiotics and over - the - counter anti - inflammatory medications -RRB- Tick - borne diseases -LRB- such as Lyme disease -RRB- TuberculosisVirusesAbout half of aseptic meningitis cases are caused by the coxsackie virus and echovirus , two members the enterovirus family . The disease can progress and eventually cause a variety of chronic symptoms, including inflammation of the heart, arthritis, and central nervous system disease, including meningitis. Narrowed down to seizures and infections and that produced info with regards to the following: Infections that can cause seizures are encephalitis and/or meningitis. The rate of enteroviral infections increases in the summer and early fall . Enteroviruses are spread by hand - to - mouth contact and coughing . They also may be spread by contact with fecal matter.Other viruses that cause this condition include : Chickenpox -LRB- varicella virus -RRB- Other enterovirusesHerpes viruses , both type 1 -LRB- herpes simplex or herpes labialis -RRB- and type 2 -LRB- genital herpes -RRB- HIV -LRB- especially acute HIV syndrome -RRB- MumpsRabies virusWest Nile virusRisk factors for aseptic meningitis include : Being a health care workerHaving a suppressed immune systemExposure to children in a day care settingExposure to someone with a recent viral infection
For any patient with meningitis , it is important to perform a lumbar puncture -LRB- " spinal tap " " -RRB- , in which a sample of spinal fluid -LRB- known as cerebrospinal fluid , or CSF -RRB- is taken for testing.Tests may include : Bacterial cultures of spinal fluidOther cultures or special tests of spinal fluidWhite blood cell countWhite blood cell count in spinal fluid
Tests & diagnosis
Aseptic meningitis caused by a virus is usually a harmless disease . I've heard that meningitis caused by lyme disease can go away without treatment, so that's been a strong possibility through all of this. Samantha, Aseptic meningitis is the same as viral meningitis and although serious, it is rarely fatal, usually runs a course of approx 10 days and people recover fully. People usually recover fully 5 - 14 days after symptoms start.Fatigue and light - headedness may last longer in some people .
To reduce the risk of developing an infection that can become meningitis : Get vaccinated -LRB- against mumps or chickenpox , for example -RRB- Practice good hand washingPractice other general good health measures personally i was vaccinated for meningitis while i was in college
An infection of the brain -LRB- encephalitis -RRB- may develop , though this is rare . The infection may last much longer in a person with a depressed immune system .
Call your health care provider if you have symptoms of aseptic meningitis . I had similar symptoms and then my neck swelled up so my oral surgeon even thought it might be meningitis but wrong was a failed root canal. aseptic meningitis is NOT the same as viral meningitis - who told you that? aseptic meningitis can be caused by rare diseases found in children - the cause should be looked for because there may be other problems associated LOL he knows I drove myself to the hospital with meningitis and when I was in heavy labor with my son. Also must have either bells palsy, acute encephalitis, heart block, acute meningitis and one other I forgot.

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