Alcoholic liver disease

Alcoholic liver disease is damage to the liver and its function due to alcohol abuse.See also : Cirrhosis It is a liver disease which is identical to alcoholic fatty liver, but there is no history of alcohol consumption. Alcoholic hepatitis is inflammation of the liver due to, erm, alcohol - continued damage can lead to cirrhosis, permanent scarring of the liver, which is irreversible and eventually fatal if drinking continues. The difference between this and NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) is that your liver begins to form fibroid in the liver. An alcoholic is still an alcoholic even if she hasn't had a drink in 40 years. My X husband is an alcoholic and my children were to small for me to get the guts to leave.
Changes start in the liver as inflammation -LRB- hepatitis -RRB- and lead to fatty liver and cirrhosis . Cirrhosis is the final phase of alcoholic liver disease.Symptoms may not be present until the disease is advanced , and may include : Abdominal pain and tendernessDry mouthExcessive thirstFatigueFeverFluid collection in the abdomen -LRB- ascites -RRB- JaundiceLoss of appetiteMental confusionNauseaUnintentional weight gain -LRB- because of fluid collection -RRB- Other symptoms that can occur with this disease : Abnormally dark or light skinAgitationBloody , dark black , or tarry bowel movements -LRB- melena -RRB- Breast development in malesChanging moodConfusion -LRB- encephalopathy -RRB- they are present when you are an alcoholic
The most important part of treatment is to stop using alcohol completely . If liver cirrhosis has not yet occurred , the liver can heal if you stop drinking alcohol.An alcohol rehabilitation program or counseling may be necessary to break the alcohol addiction . An addiction to food is much harder to overcome than an addiction to alcohol, because the alcoholic can just abstain; you can't abstain from food. Vitamins , especially B - complex and folic acid , can help reverse malnutrition.If cirrhosis develops , you will need to manage the complications of cirrhosis . You may need a liver transplant .
Alcoholic liver disease usually occurs after years of excessive drinking . The longer the alcohol use and the more alcohol that was consumed , the greater the likelihood of developing liver disease.Acute alcoholic hepatitis can result from binge drinking . While men's alcohol consumption doesn't appear to affect fertility, women who have one alcoholic drink a day reduce their chance of conceiving by 50%. It may be life - threatening if severe.People who drink excessively can become malnourished because of the empty calories from alcohol , reduced appetite , and poor absorption -LRB- malabsorption -RRB- of nutrients in the intestines . Malnutrition contributes to liver disease.Other factors that contribute to the development of alcoholic liver disease : Genetic factorsPersonal susceptibility to alcohol - induced liver diseaseToxicity of alcohol -LRB- ethanol -RRB- to the liverAlcoholic liver disease does not affect all heavy drinkers . Women may be more susceptible than men . It is not necessary to get drunk for the disease to develop .
CBCLiver biopsyLiver function tests such as ALPSerum ferritinTests to rule out other diseases include : Abdominal CT scanBlood tests for other causes of liver diseaseUltrasound of the abdomen
Tests & diagnosis
Continued excessive drinking can shorten your lifespan . She quit eating and lost an enormous amount of weight, she didn't exercise at all, she continued to smoke cigarette and started drinking more than ever (she has always been an alcoholic). The outcome will likely be poor if you keep drinking .
Discuss your alcohol intake with your doctor . The doctor can counsel you about how much alcohol is safe to drink for your situation . alcohol is what causes the acne, and alcohol is going to be in every alcoholic drink
Bleeding esophageal varicesCirrhosisHepatic encephalopathyIncreased pressure in blood vessels of the liver -LRB- portal hypertension -RRB-
Call your health care provider if : You develop symptoms of alcoholic liver diseaseYou develop symptoms after prolonged or heavy drinkingYou are concerned that drinking may be damaging your health You learn how to take care of (and gain control of) yourself, rather than the alcoholic, since, one way or another, they're "taking care of" themselves.

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