V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran
[Pronounciation Key: V. G. Vin-oh-d Vahy-deesh-wuh-ruhn]
CCG TIMAN ITI University of Illinois
Postdoctoral Research Associate   Postdoc advisor: Prof.Dan Roth
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Information Trust Institute
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign :: Coordinated Science Laboratory
1308 West Main Street, Urbana, IL 61801-2307. USA

Department of Computer Science
Siebel Center for Computer Science, MC-258,
201 N. Goodwin Ave,
Urbana, IL 61801. USA

Email: vgvinodv.uiuc [at] gmail.com
(Note: The illinois.edu address will retire soon, so avoid using it to contact me)

Education and Affiliations
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As of December 19th, 2012, I have completed all Ph.D. requirements. The degree will be conferred on May 12th, 2013.
The topic of my disseration is Modeling and predicting trustworthiness of online textual information. My dissertation research was co-advised by Prof.ChengXiang Zhai and Prof.Dan Roth.


Professional Experience

Research Interests

My research interests are primarily in Trustworthiness of information, Text retrieval and analysis, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Information Extraction.

I recently completed my doctoral studies in Computer Science at the University of Illinois. There, I was (and still am) a member of two research groups: the Cognitive Computation Group (CCG) headed by Prof.Roth, and the Text Information Management and Analysis (TIMAN) group headed by Prof.Zhai. TIMAN is part of a larger Data and Information Systems Laboratory (DAIS) group.

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