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How to work with CVS?

How to use Lemur?

After you check out the lemur0 module, first do "./configure", which would create a customized "MakeDefns" file, and then do "gmake", which will compile and link the whole toolkit. Generally, you develop any new application by adding a new file to the app/src directory. If your application is sophisticated, you may need to add files to other module directories, such as "retrieval" and "index". In all cases, to compile and link your code, simply go to the root directory (i.e,. "/lemur0/"), and do "gmake". This should automatically recognize your code and do all the necessary work for compilation and linking. Sometimes, your application is so sophisticated that you may need to create a new module. In that case, you would need to do some trivial modification to the makefiles. Please see Lemur Documentation for details about how to do this and other modifications.