CS591-CXZ Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval Seminar (Fall 2006)

Instructor: ChengXiang Zhai


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Schedule (Please check regularly for update)

Date Topic Readings Presenter(s)
Aug 31 Course introduction; Overview of Information Retrieval Research ChengXiang Zhai
Sept 7 Information Retrieval: Evaluation Minimal test collections for retrieval evaluation Hui Fang
Sept 14 Information Retrieval: Retrieval Models Adapting Ranking SVM to Doc Retrieval Xuanhui Wang
Sept 21 Information Retrieval: Evaluation Evaluation by Comparing Result Sets in Context Xuehua Shen
Sept 28 Information Retrieval: Difficult Queries On ranking the effectiveness of searches Azadeh Shakery
Oct 5 Information Retrieval: Difficult Queries What makes a query difficult? Bin Tan
Oct 12 Machine Learning: Generative Models Modeling Word Burstiness Using the Dirichlet Distribution Qiaozhu Mei
Oct 19 Machine Learning: Clustering An Impossibility Theorem for Clustering Xuanhui Wang
Oct 26 Machine Learning: SVM Training linear SVMs in linear time Jing Jiang
Nov. 2 Machine Learning: Generative Models Pachinko Allocation: DAG-structured Mixture Models of Topic Correlations Qiaozhu Mei
Nov. 9 Natural Language Processing: Lexical Acquisition You Can't Beat Frequency (Unless You Use Linguistic Knowledge) Hui Fang
Nov. 16 Natural Language Processing: Word Segmentation Contextual Dependencies in Unsupervised Word Segmentation Mandar Rahurkar
Nov. 23 No class (Thanksgiving)
Nov. 30 Natural Language Processing: Sentment Analysis Determining Term Subjectivity and Term Orientation for Opinion Mining Alex Kotov
Dec. 7 Natural Language Processing: Information Extraction Simple Algorithms for Complex Relation Extraction with Applications to Biomedical IE Jing Jiang